Food Unchained at North Country

Coming from an outsider, there’s only two things I knew about the town of Slippery Rock. There’s a college and one hell of a craft brewery. North Country Brewing Company was a place I had heard about for many years, and I knew we had to visit.

Word got out that we were filming at local restaurants and that we were looking for suggestions, to no one's surprise, North Country popped up several times. We got in contact with the owner and we were invited to come and film. Finally! I was getting my chance to visit North Country.

Greg and Dan had been here before over the years, so I turned to them for guidance. As it turns out, you can’t go wrong with their menu here, whether it’s the food or the beer. I had tried a sampling of most of the beer on tap that day. Being a fan of dark brews, I latched on to one in particular...Catherine the Great. OHHH BOY! That’s a beer I could drink all day till Sunday. The flavor was rich and bold, yet it didn’t leave that “beer” taste in your mouth. Even a novice craft beer drinker like myself could tell this was a high quality brew.

When it came to dinner time I opted out of my usual burger. Instead I went with Dan’s suggestion, the Hot Beasty. The Hot Beasty is an open face roast beef sandwich with house made beer gravy. You read that right...Beer Gravy. “Phenomenal” isn’t a fine enough word. Greg had finished his burger and Dan’s steak was devoured. The only thing left was the beer bread. The beer bread came to us baked in a small clay pot and it’s chewy texture and sweet taste was the perfect way to end our meal.

We spent just shy of eight hours, filming, chatting with the locals, and of course drinking some ice cold beers straight from the “old county morgue.” (I recommend asking about the many faces the building has had over the last century.) Anyone can sit back and enjoy a beer with their meal, especially in the historic atmosphere that has been created in the 150 year old building, but there’s something about seeing the brewing process that really makes you appreciate all of the craft beers North Country has to offer. One thing is certain, they truly take pride in everything they do at North Country. It is seen everywhere from the decor, to their unique take on familiar dishes and to their astonishing beer menu.

North Country Brewing Company is a must stop when you’re in Slippery Rock. Beer drinkers and foodies alike will surely find themselves coming back again and again. I know I will.

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-Michael Oakes