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Do you LOVE food? If so, consider yourself in great company! But it's time to break the chains and rule out fast food and the all-too-stale chain restaurants. LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BORING FOOD!

We here at Food Unchained take pride in featuring foodie's favorite locally-owned eateries! No chain restaurants, no gimmicks, just good food and great vibes.

So grab a plate, pull up a seat and be sure to curb your appetite with our selection of episodes below. If you have a suggestion for a place we should feature in the future, we are all ears!


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Gregory Happ

As head videographer and chief editor, Greg took his passion for food and filmmaking and embodied it with Food Unchained. 


Michael Oakes

As head writer and host, Michael Oakes injects comedy and laughter into every part of the show. From scripted intro skits, to on-the-fly improv, Mike always brings a certain charisma to the show.


Daniel kitchen

As head journalist and host, Daniel Kitchen utilizes his prowess for food and beer to be right at home hosting the show. And with a last name like Kitchen, how could he not be doing something like this?


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